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Everyone knows potential customers use search engine results to research their subject: your product or service. You may already know how important it is for your listing to be found in the top ten results for your core keyword phrases. What does this have to do with how you build your web site?

If you’ve been around the net for a few years, you might have tried your hand at building your own web site. The tools provided for your use were probably of the what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) variety. Drag and drop into a ready template. No need to understand HTML. Perhaps you’ve even tried hand at blogging with Blogger.

Maybe you’ve attempted Adobe Dreamweaver and decided not to become a full-time webmaster. Or perhaps you paid another web designer to build and support your site. Once setup, you may have had to pay this middleman for every update you wanted, every time you wanted it.

Is there a better way? Yes, there are other kinds of content management systems (CMS). But I recommend just one.

The WordPress CMS embodies a professional platform, a growing support community and allows you to easily change the text and pictures, even the site design, when needed. It’s also built on search engine optimized elements.

It’s the Goodhelp Web answer for small or start-up business people who want to spend their time building their business and customer base. You may have guessed what you’re reading at here is now hosted on the WordPress platform solution.


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