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The Google Panda 2.2 Update


What Google’s latest Panda 2.2 update means to you.

Web site owners who want to stay high in the search engine results pages (SERPS) often pay attention each time Google updates its algorithm.

Giant panda at the San Diego Zoo

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The latest update, nick-named “Panda 2.2” is not in honor of the furry bear at the left. But just as the few endangered species of Giant Pandas remain popular with the zoo-going public, Google updates are also closely scrutinized.

The seo experts have measured the changes as a result of this latest update and have pronounced their results. Required now:  more of the seo best practices, social linking and more current content.

This Google Panda update also reinforces the seo basics of keyword phrase choice, distribution and density. On-page and off-page linking remains critically important.

Our friends at have a lively blog and here’s a link to their best Panda update assessment.

What does this update means to the business operator and her website? It could be the right time to upgrade your site to a real user-friendly, content management system (CMS) built upon “seo friendly” code.

This could be the answer to the webmaster-as-middleman problem of older web site designs. Now, the state of the online art enables the site owner to add content and updates in minutes with a few clicks of a mouse. The transition to a new platform takes a bit of time, but it’s worth it!

Of course, I would not recommend something that I would not do myself. You may have guessed: this entire web site has been recently reconfigured with the latest WordPress version CMS!

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