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New Mom, New Business?


Are you a young mom thinking of starting your own business?

Watch out for the pitfall of–early success! You’ve solved the start up challenges that sometimes plague the entrepreneur, yet this can lead to unforeseen problems, writes Jill Coplan, the Work and Family editor of Bloomberg Businessweek  reports.

  • Combining child care and building a successful dot com business can be tough on women and requires a solution about how children are supervised.
  • Networking must also continue and it’s recommended to get out of the “office” more often and have a weekly “girls’ night out.”

Good advice for coping with operating a home-based business in 2011, yet written in a Bloomberg Businessweek article, originally printed in April, 2000.

Another working mom, Phoenix resident Mary Beth Stern, cites the balancing act needed between work and family, in the interview article on site.

Stern offers additional useful advice in a quick read, if you’re on the go!

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