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Better Customer Service Tips

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How to help your business customer service with handy services and tips! The Holy Grail of a business owner is 100% totally happy customers, right?

In addition to a great product or service, we must also spotlight better customer service, which many people acknowledge is a weak point for many businesses, large or small.

Here’s a quick roundup of current 6 customer service tips from Mashable, one of my favorite ‘Net-centric news sites.

Another super service to consider is the online help tickets provided by Zendesk. I have no affiliate relationship with the sites I write about (unless noted otherwise!). I do have the experience of being a “customer” of a service provider who employs the Zendesk system.

All of my questions and requests are handled clearly and efficiently. The trouble ticket is viewable online and sends updates through email if you prefer. I like and use both methods. It’s nirvana!