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Web Content Tools

Big keyword SEO optimizing tools and sites. Begin at the beginning, a guru once said to me, the domain name.

Top keyword selection is paramount and pays off with a highly ranked web site.

Expert seo tools.

Top webmaster links and references. Occasionally, I add to this section the best online solutions I find.

Make your web page code bulletproof with this free HTML validator.
Reduce the amount of spam you get by using this HTML equivalent translator.
Ultimate reference for syntax, selectors, etc. in CSS and HTML.
This tool creates matching six color palette of web colors, the best Web color maker yet!
Duplicate page estimate and back link anchor text display and more from

Why should I optimize?

  • Once again: use research-driven keywords in the best on-page places you can.
  • Embed core key words throughout your HTML page structure.

May you always have top search engine results through better optimizing!

— sincerely, Greg

aka “Mr. Goodhelp”
Goodhelp Web Strategies