Make Your Business Site A WordPress Website

Tweet   How to make your business site a WordPress site. Yes, WP (WordPress) is way beyond its blogging origins. It is now a full-featured, content management platform. It’s also an entrepreneur’s key to a professional website. (Contact me, Mr. Goodhelp, for a “nearly instant” site, super-affordable, built for you!) The next step is to […]

New Job Beats Unemployment Blues

Tweet   Getting hired is today’s goal. Whether you use a self-made web page resume to display your job skills and history or circulate your qualifications through alternative means. Perhaps you have a LinkedIn professional networking listing, or a Facebook page, both very helpful in today’s hiring process. Do you also like to read stories […]

Has WordPress Conquered The Web?

Tweet   This summer, the WordPress platform achieved its 50 millionth web site benchmark. According to the CMS Critic, it’s the world’s most popular blog platform. Lately, there has been a bit of back and forth about exactly which content management system (CMS) is now the most popular. Just keep in mind you can host […]

New Mom, New Business?

Tweet   Are you a young mom thinking of starting your own business? Watch out for the pitfall of–early success! You’ve solved the start up challenges that sometimes plague the entrepreneur, yet this can lead to unforeseen problems, writes Jill Coplan, the Work and Family editor of Bloomberg Businessweek  reports. Combining child care and building […]

When Age Is In Your Favor

Tweet   Looking for the next best job or company to work for? Perhaps you’ve thought of starting your own business? One more question: how old are you? Studies show the most successful entrepreneurs are “older.” The average age of a company founder is 40. Age and industry work experience combine to give the 40+ […]

Small business articles

Tweet   Everyone knows potential customers use search engine results to research their subject: your product or service. You may already know how important it is for your listing to be found in the top ten results for your core keyword phrases. What does this have to do with how you build your web site? […]

Small Business subject heading

Tweet   How to help your business customer service with handy services and tips! The Holy Grail of a business owner is 100% totally happy customers, right? In addition to a great product or service, we must also spotlight better customer service, which many people acknowledge is a weak point for many businesses, large or […]

The Google Panda 2.2 Update

Tweet   What Google’s latest Panda 2.2 update means to you. Web site owners who want to stay high in the search engine results pages (SERPS) often pay attention each time Google updates its algorithm. The latest update, nick-named “Panda 2.2” is not in honor of the furry bear at the left. But just as the […]